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Power and Influence in Casino

Power and influence are among the elements of an organization. But sometimes, it can be seen to exist inside the casino and it lingers around the players. It stems from the main goal of every customer inside the casino, which is the prize jackpot. By understanding what happens from the prize jackpot that extends to the customers, it will shed some light on how this prize jackpot could be used to influence more customers to play.

The power of money as represented by the prize jackpot is as powerful as that money they give out in sweepstakes, lotto, horse racing, salary, and others of the same kind. It is a kind of power that can actually influence people to do more than what they are expected to. Of course, customers playing inside the casino would want to have the power of the money and it influences them to act in certain ways such as betting more and more in a game. For example, as long as a player sees that the jackpot prize is sitting right there and increases each time, the player would have a greater wanting for that jackpot and will keep on playing until they reach a point where they could bet no more. They risk it no matter what for the chance to win the money because it is greater than what they have when they firs stepped inside the casino.

Here, when they see that the source of power, which is the jackpot prize, is limited, they tend to compete with each other and this result to more bets. However, if they see that there is more jackpot enough to satisfy all or majority of those playing inside the casino, then more likely than not, they would not be in a competition. But if the jackpot is too small to compete for, then they might not just take any risk at all. It is very important to put a reasonable ratio between the people inside the casino playing at that very moment and the amount or number of jackpots to be offered to them. It should not be too high nor should it be too low. For example, for every twenty five persons playing inside the casino, there should be at least $100 at stake. It would still depend on the capacity of the casino to give prizes and it should be placed at a rate which would not put the business into bankruptcy. It can be easily determined by a good finance analyst that could be hired by the casino.

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