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Awareness on Suspicious Casino Transactions

While casinos can be a haven to all gamblers where they can play a wagered game with potential big prizes to win and at the same time are pampered with numerous freebies to enjoy their gambling activities, casinos can also be a vulnerable venue for many suspicious activities to take place.

Casino personnel are always on the prowl for sighting and perhaps to unravel the hidden agenda that casino players have along with a bad intent to commit any illicit activities within the casino premises. The burden to investigate and determine whether illegal activities or crime actuations are done within the casino establishments is laid on the part of the casino security and employees.

However, as concerned casino players who are already considered to be a part of the casino family and industry in general, a casino player should also feel obliged to be aware of any possible suspicious activities taking place in casinos and report their observation to the casino management.

To broaden awareness of the possible crime acts committed in casinos, it is worthy to know some of the most common suspicious activities by casino players. Villains usually structure their currency transactions by opening multiple accounts under different names with a deposit of less than $10,000. A casino employee needs to suspect players who buy chips with large currency but participate in minimal game wage.

Another suspicious behavior is when a casino player has a time frame of game duration that they need to play on one gaming table and upon reaching close to $10,000 of gambling they would instantly transfer to another table for another currency transactions. A casino player who makes withdrawals, purchase casino chips or check and makes deposits with an amount always close to but not more than $10,000 is another player behavior that casino employees need to watch out for.

Another common activity worth given attention to is a customer who makes a big winning enlist another player to cash out their chips to avoid filing a CTRC report. Any financial transaction of a player involving deposit, withdrawal or purchase of chips which typically does not exceed the amount of $10,000 merits investigation for it can be a suspicious casino behavior that a casino player exhibits.

Most unscrupulous players avoid the deposit or withdrawal of currency of more than $10,000 due to the fact that casinos are mandated to file CTRC of all financial transactions taking place within their establishment for recording purposes and keen scrutiny on the legitimacy of such transaction beyond this ceiling amount. The CTRC which stands for Currency Transaction Report by Casinos are one among the many documents processed by the casino to players who make financial transactions of any form involving the amount of more than $10,000.

The IRS Forms together with the CTRC are subjected to verification procedures as to the accuracy of player’s information. Dishonest casino players elude the processing of such documents by trying to engage in a safe financial transaction of less than $10,000 to a casino to avoid suspicions to their activities.

With the casino establishments being used to cover up illegal transactions, it can imperil the casino industry which can taint the industry’s credibility and reputation. Every member of the casino industry should take the responsibility in making the initiative to neutralize the occurrence of such activities to protect the good image of the casino industry.

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