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Comps for Your Casino Play

Here’s a subject that seems to be on the minds of most people when they enter a casino. “How much you gonna give me in Comps?”

The term comp is derived from the word complimentary, which in street talk means “something for nuttin.”

Many years ago, when Las Vegas first opened, they wanted to get people to keep coming into their casinos and used the giving of meals, rooms, shows as a come-on. The method worked. People got in the habit of looking for comps and even today the casino heap these “freebies” on their patrons. For instance, all drinks are free in the casinos and people take this gift for granted. But people ain’t satisfied with just a few drinks. They think they should be rewarded just for sitting at a table.

Here is a story about a man who is a typical sponger in the casinos. He thinks he deserves top treatment because he is honoring a certain casino with his play.

He walks into a casino, saunters up to a Blackjack table, buys in for $40 and plunks down $5. He loses and immediately calls over the floor person: “Excuse me, sir, any chance of getting a meal for my wife and me?” It’s kind of a demand, not a request.

The floor person, trying to stifle a guffaw at the arrogance of this dork, says very politely, “Sir, you have to be rated, based on some extended play. Then we’ll be happy to look over your situation.”

You would think the man punched the floor person in the mouth because he refused his silly request. “Hey, I deserve to be comped. I come to your lousy casino every month and give you all my action. Send over your boss, I’ll have your badge for this.”

You think this don’t happen in a casino? It goes on every day. The casinos do have a comp program and it is very generous in its intent.

The casinos wanna reward their high rollers and heavy players, along with those patrons who show up many many times a month. They have the right to decide who they want to comp.

The intent is to take care of the people who go to the same casino and lay out some heavy bread. One should concur wholeheartedly with their actions.

Obviously there is a reason for their methods. They wanna reward the strong player who bets heavy and the frequent visitor. They want these people coming back, so they’ll have some more shots at beating them.

The casinos know why they do it. The players know why they do it. The players know that the casinos know they know. The casinos know that the players know that the casinos know they know. The players know that the casinos know that they know they know. The casinos know… well, you get the idea.

The casinos have a rating system to comp you, even with slots play. You are rewarded, based on your action. That means:

1. How long?

2. How often you play?

3. How much you play?

Experts recommend that you should play to win a percentage of your Bankroll and if you get comped, so be it. If you don’t get comped, so be it. Just use your profits to buy your own lunch.

Comps can be overrated and expensive. Don’t make them the focal point of your day. Positively don’t bet higher just to be noticed.

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