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Conquering the Casino Edge

Casino games are fun. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’ll contest that statement. If you know how to do it properly, you can even turn the experience into an enterprise by making some money out of it. But as many gambling experts and seasoned casino players will tell you, doing that is made a lot harder by the house edge.

The house edge lives up to its intimidating name. In general, it refers to the inherent or the natural advantage of the house over the player in terms of odds. When you put it into the perspective of a casino game like blackjack, the house has a higher chance of making you lose and walking away with your money than the opposite scenario, which you’re most definitely after. Regardless of the game you play or the casino strategy you employ, the odds and the probabilities will always be in favor of the house. That’s how casinos work and that’s one of their fundamental revenue generating practices.

But even if you know that the house will win more times than you most probably will, you can still make a net profit out of playing casino games. You see, casino games have varying odds and, consequently, varying house odds. If you want to make a profit, it’s all a matter of finding the game with the bets odds and then use any available strategy in order to maximize those odds in your favor. Casino card games like baccarat and poker are quite easy to figure out for such purposes. Because they’re card games, the number of possibilities dwindles as the game progresses so, with the help of a little math, you can determine the odds of any event happening and at any point of the game.

In contrast to the card games above, which are games of skill, games of luck like casino slots and keno take a lot more effort for you to determine the basic odds, much more so for the house odds. However, determining the house odds for such games is also possible with certain techniques, such as with the use of computers to generate possibilities much like a regular casino slot machine would.

Generally, the games of skill have better odds for you and worse odds for the house than do the games of luck. That’s why casinos love the latter so much and accordingly encourage patrons to play them. For example, depending on the casino, you could find blackjack games that have a house edge of about 0.5%. Roulette has it at about 5%. Slot machines, a casino favorite, have house odds in the region of 15%. Keno has one of the worst house odds figures at as high as 25%.

If you’re serious about profiting from gambling, you should look for the games with the best house odds. The mechanics of each game variant can affect this greatly, so house odds can really vary from casino to casino. Combined with practice and the right strategy, you can make yourself a comfortable income from playing your favorite games.

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