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Some Gambling Do’s and Don’ts

The fun side of gambling does not rely only on winning, but on doing the right things. That is, you can enjoy gambling when you feel that you have committed only a few mishaps. By being so, you would be less stressed, fully focused, and be totally into the game.

Thus, it is important to know what actions to avoid and which to pursue. For the gambling beginner and aficionado alike, here are some do’s and don’ts when venturing into the said activity:

1. Do gamble for fun, and never for a living. Gambling is such a risky and unstable terrain, and considering it as a source of income would ultimately lead to your demise. It is, however, a healthy and profitable recreational activity. Instead of buying golf clubs, which would less likely help you earn extra cash, why not use that money to gamble instead?

2. Don’t gamble out of the remaining cash in your wallet. Engage in gambling only if you have excess money. If your salary is just enough to make ends meet, you may want to avoid casinos for the moment. Losing your extra cash does not hurt that much, but losing everything you currently have does.

3. Do experience the games by gambling online. Instead of going into brick and mortar casinos to see if you are comfortable with poker, do it online. Since there are online casinos that offer bets for as low as a cent, you could gain experience without risking a significant amount.

4. Don’t believe “sure ways to win” tactics. Martingale system, Thorp strategy, and other “sure ways to win” tactics, if not absurd in themselves, have been safeguarded against by casinos. If you want control of your losses and winnings, its best to play at high-stakes games like poker or backgammon, since these games employ strategy as a central component.

5. Don’t use a credit card, debit card, or other forms of virtual money. Bring hard cash instead. In that way you could easily monitor and control how much you are spending. The problem with credit cards is that you could not feel the money, and could therefore lead you into investing more than you are willing to pay for.

6. Do cut down on cigars and alcohol, as these things often lead to a cloudy judgment, and of course to an empty wallet. If you need to relax, just go out of the casino and take a breather, instead of consuming more liquor.

The key to an enjoyable night of gambling is being relaxed and stress-free after, even if you have experienced a loss. By reducing your follies and doing things which you feel are right, then you are sure to go home with a happy face even if you empty your wallet.

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